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online eShop for Singing Bowl & Prayer Wheels offers wholesale option to our valued clients'. Our targeted clients' are doing reselling business, shop vendors, importers, distributors or interested to buy products in bulk quantities. Since we bring you these Nepalese Handicraft directly from artisans workshop and manufacturer, we can provide you best quality products and offer you with best competitive prices. We offer you wholesale service of various nepalese handicrafts that are listed in our website and available in category. We can also provide any other handicrafts that we have not placed in our online collection. You can make us inquiry and we will provide you every details as soon as possible.We do accept our clients customized designed products, product prototype and for those who are looking for artisans to make that product and according to requirements, we can provide you this service very easily.

We make available every possible handicrafts that our clients are searching for.
We have many craftsmen and artisans specialized in metal crafts, hand carvings, wooden crafts, metal decoratives crafts, metal statues, copper statue, and tibetan ritual crafts, related metal crafts artisans, tibetan products, paper products and varied religious nepalese handicrafts.

You can send us your details requirements, pictures or any other related materials, we can make it for you.

We have very highly skilled artisans and craftsmen dedicatedly working in this nepalese arts and crafts from generation to generation whth finest works and craftsmanship.
Please email us with your detail requirements to or any other required information, product catalog request and queries.
We will get back with all the details regarding products prices, availability, minimum order quantity, quality, discounts, shipping mode, payment terms and related information.
We would be happy and appreciate to get quereis.

We do Wholesale of Nepalese Handicrafts such as

» Singing Bowls 
Singing Bowls are one of the popular products and one of the highest exported handicrafts from Nepal. A Singing Bowl are mainly used for meditation, sound therapy, healing, sound massage, yoga practice, feng shui and space clearing now a days. we can make available any kinds of singing bowls of various design and sizes and can gurantee in quality of products.

» Statues Crafts 
Statues of metal, copper, bronze, silver with full gold plating, partial gold plating, oxidised finish statue, antiquated finish, metal repousse, exclusive hand carvings, art works, silver overlays and inlays with silver plating and many more of shakyamuni buddha statue, boddhisattwa buddhas, wrathful fierce deitues statue, peaceful deities, hindu deities statue and gods ranging from high quality to low quality from cheap statue to expensive statue and exclusive quality statues in a very reasonable and competitive price.

» Metal Crafts 
Metal crafts such as metal wares, utensils, tibetan crafts used for household, decoratives, showpieces, religious and ceremonial purposes, gompa products and many other custom designed product produced at on order. Our metal product are made on copper , brass , silver, white metal with various carvings, etchings and finishings, engraving, embossing etc all made and produced by hand works.

» Wooden Crafts 
Wooden Sculpture are one of the popular handicrafts that exports from Nepal worldwide, it is used for decorative purpose and keep and give as souvenir gifts and showpiece. All our wooden crafts are hand mand with fine quality which resembles rich cultral heritage and traditional artsworks of nepal which includes traditional sculpture like photo frame, peacock window, door,decoratives, torans, idols and much more.

» Nepali Paper Crafts 
Nepali paper means by default Lokta paper produced from tree bark of Daphne cannabina or Daphne Papyracea " Lokta". Lokta paper is durable and not damaged by insects and not decayed so these paper are traditionally used in low documents, now used for making various commercial products like notebooks, wrapping paper, document paper, photo album, table lamps, lamp shades, paper desktop tools, gift boxes, greeting crads, notepads and variosu others in various designs, artworks, colors in modernize way.

» Tibetan Ritual Crafts 
It includes tibetan products sued fro ritual and religious ceremonies like tibetn trumpet, kangling, teapots, bells, dorje bajra, gongs, tsekhor, shrine drums, shrine furniture, decoratives, phurpa dagger, phurwa,mala and beads, decorative box, tibetan prayer wheels,mandala, ghau, pendants , jewlleries, utensils like bhumba, torma, offering bowls, tingsha and many more. All are available and make availabl for you at reasonable cost.

» Musical Instruments 
Musical instruments emans traditional nepalese instruments like tabala, sahanai, madal, drum, sarangi, muruchunga, basurai and various other.

» Gurkha Khukuri Knife 
Gurkha Khukri and Knife are very popular world wide with its name. These khukri still used by nepali army and british gurkha soldier as official service khukuri. It is one of the most popular crafts liked by tourist and sold most by us. These khukuri is taken as souvenir and gift momento and also sued for household puropse and as well as by farmers and for rough handle used for chopping woods and cutting meat and various other pouposes.

» Face Masks Crafts 
Face Masks Crafts/Dolls and Puppets are popular nepali handicrafts used and make traditionally, now popular for decorative, show piece and as souvenir items. Face Masks of god,goddess and idols are made of wooden,clay and paper with hand carvings, colors & arts works all hand made, and wooden dolls and puppets with various carvings & decorations. These wooden, clay face masks, dolls and puppets have traditional values in Nepal which resemblance and linked with ethinic, socio-economic and cultural aspects of Nepal & its community.