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About Singing Bowl in Nepal

Namaste & welcomes to our online store is under Ex Gurkha Khukuri House registered under Industry Business Act 2049, Section 3(ka) and under the same Act, Article 4 & 5 in section 10, and has registered at Nepal Government Company Register Office(Reg No: 87739/065/066), and also registered in Chamber of Commerce and federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal.We are the manufacturer, wholesale & exporter of handmade products of Nepal, ritual objects, Singing Bowls, Hand Forged Blade Gurkha Kukri, Cashmere Pashmina Shawl. We offer online shopping for quality handmade crafts e.g. statue, Singing Bowls, Prayer Wheel, Gurkha Khukuri & more Which are given below: Capturing the essence of Nepalese craftsmanship, we at Ex Gurkha Khukuri House manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of a wide variety of quality handcrafted products. Our Handicrafts has been a well established company. This company is directly associated with the artists and craft men so the prices of the products are also very reasonable.With our in-depth understanding of the handicraft industry in Nepal, coupled with years of extensive experience, we have touched the pulse of the customers across the globe by offering handcrafted products that reflects the spirit and mystery of Nepalese cultures and traditions. Apart from having aesthetic value, our products are distinguished in the market for their competitive price and the quality of our products - which is the state of the art. We believe that there is a prospect to sell this Nepalese Handicraft and Hand crafted Nepalese Crafts in any competitive market around the globe. 

Ex Gurkha Khukuri House has been exporting beautiful handicraft of superb craftsmanship from its very establishment. It has been promoting the Handicraft and Handloom products produced by the cottage and small-scale industries of the remote Himalayan parts of the country.We have always been passionate about collecting. Some people they do it with stamps and some with so-called old coins. It was something else for us. They were singing bowls. When we first learnt about it, We wondered how a piece of metal could generate so beautiful notes of sound. And when we first used one, we were completely charmed.Since then, we have been collecting singing bowls for some reason or the other. And sometimes, we would not even need one. All our reasons had just one thing in common. We were passionate about collecting them.A few years, and the collection counted to hundred. Further later, and it grew to a thousand. Our passion evolved then. We wanted to be a professional in singing bowl handicrafts. We decided to run a business. We studied. We learnt. We sought. And, We found. We tried to get singing bowl varieties from best possible sources. We believed in originality, which we still do. We interacted with singing bowl experts and earliest dealers. They knew that they were reliable sources of information. This day, we stand amongst them. My acquainted clients and we regard ourself as a leading singing bowl expert.

At some point, we felt that creating a website could act as a better medium between me and singing bowl lovers. We started working on a website. The website that you are currently on right now. Since the initial launch, We had been providing clean and clear sound clips of the singing bowl and high quality images as well. These features caught sight of every singing bowl lover on internet. Along with features of the website, features of the displayed singing bowls are catchy as well. We believe in genuine products. They always give us a pleasing sense of satisfaction. As mentioned above, We bring out products from the best possible source. We do not follow path to myths and false belief.This day, a collection of our singing bowls has earned its reputation over the web. Qualitative products with fair reasonable prices is what clients have always wanted. If you are compassionate about singing bowls, We personally recommend you try any of the products. We are quite sure you will get familiar to one of them. Singing bowls can be collected as a hobby for some. In other ways, it can also be used for decoration in houses, offices, meditation centres, schools, hospitals and any places as such, honestly.


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