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Origin Of Singing Bowl

The early application of the Singing Bowls was connected with the magical rituals of the Bon Pot Shamans living in the Tibet. They were believed to be the sacred metallurgists, who based their spiritual belief on the recitation of mantric formulas. Unlike any other singing bowls in the world, Himalayan Singing Bowls are known for their unusual sounds, which seem to hover in the air long after they are played. The recipes and sacred formulas of the content of the metal alloy have been lost. 

According to metallurgical analysis most of the Singing Bowls are made between five and nine metals. The most commonly used alloy is based on a combination of seven different metals, each metal representing  a different heavenly body.

Some bowls may contain as many as nine metals, with the addition of  zinc, nickel or meteorite.  Meteorite is held in especially high esteem by the Tibetans, as it is found in the lofty Himalayas, the abode of the gods, having descended from the heavens and is called the "sky metal". It is considered to be the thunderbolts of goods, and is thus of  sacred origin. The Tibetan Buddhist master, his holiness the 16th Gwalwa Karmapa said that the music produced by the Tibetan Bowls is the sound of the Void